My Story

I'm a photographer, an educator, and a creative living in Marshfield, MA. When I was in high school, my father found a pair of Pentax ME Supers at a yard sale and he gifted one to me. Since then, photography has been an important part of my life.

I also dabble in a variety of crafts, relishing any opportunity to create, and I love to travel with my husband, Andrew, be it across the globe, or across town for a hike through the local wildlife sanctuary. Sometimes, I even move to the other side of the camera to help model for a good friend of mine. I have her to thank for these two lovely images. This means that I am also familiar with that awkward feeling of trying to pose in a way that looks natural. One tip: relaxing your hands or finding something natural to do with them makes a huge difference!


What can I do for you?

I like to start sessions by taking some time to just chat and get to know you a little bit better, easing into the photography portion of the shoot. Including a mix of posed and candid images captured throughout the session gives you a collection of photographs that are beautiful, authentic, and fun. I love how candid shots capture true emotion; serving as a memento of your experience, be it an hour-long portrait session, or your full wedding day. 

I am also incredibly excited by the idea of working with you to create a session that may be a little outside the norm. If you are interested in something that leans a little more toward epic and/or fantasy or some other type of portrait session (awkward family photos anyone?), I am all about that!

An important thing to remember is that photographs capture moments, allowing us to revisit those memories, undistorted by time. Photography allows us to share the stories of our lives with others and to pass them on to future generations. Sometimes, a cell phone just isn't going to cut it.